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Diving into history November 12, 2009

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Archaeology is kind of a non-glamorous branch of science. It is a convergence of many different physical and social sciences which are used as tools to construct the jigsaw puzzle of our past. But sadly humans are not as interested in the past as they are in the future. General public thinks of archaeologists as khaki-wearing folk who love meticulously dusting off the tiny little pieces of shards made by unknown people from thousands of years ago. So most of the archaeological discoveries manage to excite only the members of this close community and go unappreciated by the general populous. Only a few discoveries like that of Tutankhamen’s (lovingly dubbed King Tut) gold-laden tomb makes it to the front pages of newspapers and magazines.

Even more obscure branch of archaeology is underwater archaeology. Although a lot of our history lies submerged underwater not many of us think there is anything valuable to look there. Only when something astonishing like the Bimini wall or the Antikythera device comes out of the depths of the ocean, does our attention get focused on it briefly. However there has been increasing interest among the archaeologists of today to go diving to peer into the past. Archaeology, a publication of the Archaeological Institute of America, highlights just a few of these ongoing underwater archaeology projects, from the recovery of a sixth-century B.C. Phoenician shipwreck, where excavators found a cargo that included elephant tusks and amber, to work on a 19th-century vessel in Oklahoma’s Red River that has given archaeologists their first look at early steamship design.

One great work of research based on a worldwide exploration diving for the underwater ruins of a lost civilization is the book Underworld by investigative journalist and author, Graham Hancock. This book follows clues in ancient scriptures and mythology and in the scientific evidence of the flood that swept the Earth at the end of the last Ice Age. I believe such works are rare because of our belief that we are the most advanced humans this planet has ever seen and so there’s nothing to look for in the past except exploits of primitive cavemen. However if you do believe the cyclic model of life in ancient Hindu philosophy, the Yuga cycle, then you should definitely be curious as to what is hidden away in the blue depths that cover 3/4th of our planet today.

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Sunday Spotlight: Ancient scripts October 4, 2009

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While there are numerous good resources available on the Internet to the student of modern / contemporary languages, same is not the case for someone interested in studying ancient scripts around the world. Given that the number of such people will be very small, this is understandable. However, the creator of the website Ancient Scripts took it onto himself to create first such dedicated website for scripts used by our distant ancestors around the world. The creator, Lawrence Lo, is a software engineer whose spare-time activity involves researching about these ancient scripts and updating the website he created. The website gives comprehensive list of various families of scripts used in ancient and modern times, origins of language and writing, the types of scripts such as syllabic, alphabetic, logophonetic etc. Lawrence has tried to make the website content interesting by making available some fonts as well as games for the visitors of the site to download. The best feature of the website for those interested in further pursuing their own research is the comprehensive listing of references and links to various little sections of websites that talk about ancient scripts. So overall it is a very useful “starting point” for anyone interested in just knowing about or indulging seriously into research about language scripts used thousands of years ago.
From the Internet links section of above site, I came across another website,, which, as its name suggests, deals with all sorts of languages, not just ancient.

Happy birthday, WETM! You’re ONE!!! September 24, 2009

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I’ve been meaning to write a post summarising my blog-writing journey for a while. But I couldn’t find a better occassion than today to do that. WETM (short for Watchful eyes, thoughtful mind) turns one year old today! Yes, I am definitely excited like a new mum whose child turns one. It is a time for her to remenisce about the past one year when she was busy nurturing the baby.
I wrote my first blog post on this same day, exactly 1 year back. If you read that post, you’ll realise my blog has changed directions somewhat from its original plan. YouTube was the starting inspiration but once I plunged into the deep abyss of knowledge (via books, films, internet and more) I found too many interesting ideas that attracted my attention and made me think. Like a little baby enriches the mum with experiences of motherhood, this blog has enriched me with fascinating knowledge and ideas, putting a thinking cap on my head and introducing me to many wonderful human beings.
When I started this blog, I was going through a transformation in my personal life. Traumatic experiences can make your life take a dramatic turn, for better or for worse. In my case, it was definitely for better. As I was trying to understand myself and the inside better, my WETM gave me an opportunity to marvel at the outside, the wonders of nature and also of humankind. With time, I came across films and books and people that showed the direction to connection between the inside and the outside. With my thinking the blog posts changed too. While still sharing the wonderous and fascinating achivements of nature and of mankind with my readers, I looked for a connection between the past and the future, between us and the nature.
I do not know if WETM will grow to a ripe old age along with me or will it die prematurely. Like any mum, I would hope and pray for its long and healthy life, for it to flourish. And more importantly, to be the driving force which would make me think out of the box and let me express those thoughts to others.
Happy birthday, WETM! You’re ONE!!!

Decoding antiquity August 20, 2009

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Development of language and writing as means of communication has been one of the most important features of humans that has separated us from all the other creatures on this planet. All earthlings have some form or other of communication, ranging from chemical to acoustic, depending on their position along the evolutionary ladder. the humans are considered the most evolved in this regard with ability of articulating our speech greatly with help of highly developed vocal organs. The highly developed brain and the ability of gripping and manoeuvring objects uniquely with the opposing thumb also lead to us developing writing system, a feature unequivocally unique to our species.
There still some dispute over the very first culture that seems to have used writing as a form of communication. New discoveries made by archaeologists keep pushing the dates of first use of writing more and more backward. Also, out of all the scripts that have been discovered, not all have been deciphered. Recent history has shown us that any time a new script has been deciphered, be it the Egyptian hieroglyphs or Mayan scriptures, it has had a significant impact on our understanding of that culture. More often than not it has awed us by the sophistication in and knowledge of various fields, from sciences to architecture to politics.
In his article in May 2009, Andrew Robinson of New Scientist tells us about 8 scripts that we still haven’t been able to read. The article details the origins of the scripts, their antiquity and why we haven’t been able to read them yet. There are various extents of their mystery to us. In some of the cases, the languages are known in their spoken form but only the script hasn’t been deciphered, like the Zapotec script from the New world cultures. Other instances are the opposite, like the Proto-Elamite script believed to be the earliest script discovered. And then there are the ultimate puzzlers like

The notoriously solitary Phaistos disc from Crete appears to be the world’s oldest “printed” document. The disc, about 15 centimetres in diameter, occupies pride of place at the Heraklion Museum in Crete. Some say it should not be regarded as an undeciphered script because it is in fact a hoax – the Piltdown Man of ancient writing.

Well, after reading the article, being the optimist I am, I chose to focus on the fact that humanity still has 8 more chances of being amazed and humbled by the antiquity. And I hope at least one of that comes true in my lifetime.

Sunday Spotlight: CPAK 2009 August 16, 2009

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CPAK (Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge) began in 2004 as a means of bringing together scientists from various disciplines together; scientists who were truly open-minded and were ready to think unconventionally; scientists who didn’t believe all of what the text books tell us and wanted to consider what the so called legends and myths of cultures worldwide say; scientists who wanted to know what really happened on this planet in the past. According to CPAK website,
Over the last five years CPAK has become the premiere gathering place for those interested in ancient cultures, lost knowledge and the cycle of the ages. Leading explorers, authors, professors and scientists make presentations and examine the latest archaeological finds, astronomical research and new interpretations of structures, myth and folklore that shed light on the true history of mankind. The result is an epiphany of awareness as we collectively begin to understand where we came from and where we are going in this ascending age.

I thought of sharing this event with my readers as I feel at least some of you will find it interesting like I do. This year’s conference is on October 10th at the University of California’s Irvine campus in CA, USA. If you are truly interested, I’ll leave it up to you to visit the website, read, watch and listen more. There are some samples of past presentations at the conference to whet your appetite. Happy “knowledging”!


Sunday Spotlight: Devavision Productions July 19, 2009

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Some time back I came across and watched the video Scientific Verification of Vedic Knowledge on Google videos. This video is made by a group of people who call themselves Devavision Productions. The website homepage spells out their moto to be “Revealing the hidden treasure of India’s ancient Vedic wisdom and culture”.

I was really impressed with the research these people have done and the efforts they are putting in to get the word out there. I believe that there is a lot of ancient knowledge (not just in India but in other cultures as well) which is still “hidden” from us because we infact haven’t reached the spiritual, scientific and cultural maturity that is needed to comprehend it. So I’m delighted to see someone put in some serious effort towards “uncovering” that knowledge. Hence I thought I would do my bit of “publicising” this commendable effort and write a blog entry about them. Check them out if you are interested in ancient Indian knowledge!


Sunday Spotlight: Jason Martell and Xfacts July 12, 2009

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Jason Martell is a researcher and lecturer specialising and interested in connections between ancient knowledge and contemporary science. He has extensively studied the work of Zecharia Sitchin on Sumerian culture and the advanced technology mentioned therein. Jason has also given numerous lectures and presentations on the topic of Planet X (which has been reportedly spotted or at least its presence acknowledged by NASA), the 10th planet in our Solar system and the belief that this is the “Nibiru” of ancient Sumerians. The sites created by him, and collectively represented as Xfacts network, include,,,, and
  • is a collection of the video of and slides shown during the presentation given by Jason at MUFON, LA. Here he talks about various evidences provided by the Sumerian literature and artifacts that Sumerians knew about people of higher intelligence, originating from outside the Earth, whom they called Anunnaki. He goes on to show how planet Nibiru of Sumerians and its influence on the inner Solar system described by them could make it a very plausible candidate for Planet X that our astronomers are looking for today.
  • is one-stop-resource to all the lectures and interviews given by Jason Martell to the date on various topics of his research, Nibiru/Planet X, ancient astronauts, Sumerian culture and artifacts, the Mars-Earth connection to name a few.
  • tells you on its homepage that, “By watching the videos contained on this site, you will learn about some of the most substantial cases in Ufology. Evidence that can prove UFO’s are real, and intelligent extraterrestrials have made formal treaties with various governments around the world.”
  •, as the name suggests, is a channel to watch innumerable videos concerning the UFOs and aliens. It also gives links to other similarly inclined channels, websites.
  • took me to a page very similar to the “site map” page of so I’m not sure if there’s some problem with the link. However, the tab “mars research” on the top navigation bar takes you to a page which contains some really interesting articles and links about structures on Mars (the face on Mars, the pentagonal pyramid complex of Cydonia etc.) and how its been shown that NASA has been altering the images obtained from Mars to make the planet look hostile.
  • greets you with the message “This website is the only website dedicated to the victims of the Alien Abduction Phenomenon.”

So all I have tried to do in this blog entry is to give an overview of this vastly spread and informative network of sites and research generated by Jason Martell. In few of my blog entries earlier, I have picked some topics connected to Sumerian cosmology, which interest me and written my thoughts on them in some detail. I might write something about the structures on Mars some day. However, I’m not as keen on his other research interests such as UFOs and aliens. I do believe that there are a lot of thigs out there that need to be researched. But as for UFOs and aliens, I think its not the right time yet and hence we’re taking it in the wrong direction of sensetionalism.