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Big brother … REAL BIG!!! December 17, 2009

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Yeah, I know … try and close your mouth now. That picture above would have given you a pretty good idea of what’s coming. Science reporter Rebecca Morell of BBC News reports about the colossal sea monster, Pliosaur, whose fossilised skull has been unearthed along the UK‘s Jurassic Coast by a local collector. In the video on the webpage (which I could not embed here) Palaeontologist Richard Forrest explains why the T. rex was a kitten compared with this monster.

Richard Forrest, a plesiosaur expert, said: “Pliosaur skulls are very big, but not that robust, in general, and you tend to find them crushed flat – completely ‘pancaked’. “What is fantastic about this new skull, not only is it absolutely enormous, but it is pretty much in 3D and not much distorted.”

Pliosaur means ‘more like lizard’ and are characterised by having a short neck and an elongated head, in contrast to the long-necked plesiosaurs. Pliosaur fossils have been found before around Norway, Mexico etc. But this find in the UK is by far the largest specimen yet found. If the pictures above and the description has still not convinced you to click on the link in the first paragraph and go watch the video, may be this will.

“It could have taken a human in one gulp; in fact, something like a T. Rex would have been breakfast for a beast like this.”


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