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Almost gone … Southern Cassowary November 14, 2009

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Guest post series ‘Almost gone …’ by Scott Bright (@Speciesguy)

The Cassowary Has A Great Purpose!

One day, I became fascinated, and I’m sure you will to, with exploring different parts of the world. And as fate would have it, I clicked on one of the strangest places on earth as far as animals go, “Australia!” The species that captivated my attention was a bird called the Southern Cassowary. They weigh in at one hundred and fifty pounds or more! That’s right, you read correctly. Just take a peek at one! And man do they look prehistoric! I found a great video for you to see one up close.

Here is what’s so valuable with this bird. It’s called a keystone specie. Just what does that mean in layman’s terms? Well, it’s responsible for replenishing rain forest. Just how can a bird be so responsible for that task? Good question. I have 800+ books for your child and you to explore! What Is your favorites species kids? Just type them in and explore. Click here to start your child’s learning.

Boy, Can They Eat Fruit!

This bird can eat fruit whole and then run all over the forest and drop the seeds whole. The result? Trees happen in a matter of weeks! I’m telling you, don’t try this at home, this bird is a professional.

Just One To Four Thousand Left

So why does anyone need to be concerned about this species? If this bird goes extinct, what’s to happen with the forest? I’m sure you can put 2 and 2 together. Other animals count on the cassowary. This species’ forest habitat is becoming fragmented. Some caring people of Australia have put up signs for cars to slow for cassowary traffic; if only the people in the cars will slow down.

True Story

My journey began when I pulled up to my computer and read about this large bird. Hours went by and i got more and more passionate about the cause of saving it from extinction. Yeah, a global awareness had to be developed. So here’s the deal. We are all in this together to make a difference. If you see an organization online that wants to preserve Cassowaries, make a donation to their precious cause.

I know if the people of world take an interest in the 16,000 species on the verge of extinction, we can turn this around. As for myself, I’m picking another part of the world to focus on. After all, the animals of Africa need to have the spot light on them too. I’ve written other interesting things to read about to make a difference. Once again, it’s all part of the tapestry my friend. This and all other species truly are in a race against time, and it will have to be all of us working together if we’re going to turn things around.

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One Response to “Almost gone … Southern Cassowary”

  1. I support race to save races. Now a days a lot of animals are in now consider as in danger species. And losing them will really affect of environment. Like the birds who helps us in planting trees. let us practice the law of illegal hunting before we lose all this animals.

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