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Almost gone … Aye-aye November 7, 2009

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Guest post series ‘Almost gone …’ by Scott Bright (@Speciesguy)

The aye- aye needs our help

I recently discovered a species from an island located at the bottom right of South Africa, Madagascar, called the Aye Aye. Isn’t that a strange name for an animal? It’s a nocturnal lemur that eats seeds and grubs. I felt quite moved to share about what’s going on with them. The only place on earth that they exist is on is on this isolated island of Madagascar. The species needs some worldwide focus at this time.


The people of Madagascar have some strong folklore in place. It depends which people you talk with on the island. Because some people there think it is a good omen to see one. But some believe that if an aye- aye points at you with its middle finger, you will die. So, they are killed at sight. Come on! It’s only a seed and grub eating nocturnal lemur.

Foraging method is ingenious

Their method of foraging food is pretty amazing. Their middle finger is three inches longer than the other fingers and it taps quite rapidly on trees to look for grubs. Hey, someone has to be assigned to the task. I wonder how many years of evolution did it take for them to figure out this behavior? A Woodpecker does the same thing, only with their beak. Personally, I think they have the un kept hair of Einstein, so they have that going for them! Lets try to do our best to share information about this rare animal.

No beauty contests

As you can plainly see from the picture, the only beauty contest they you could consider entering them in would be in October. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

They are being bred

Whew! This is good news. I’m glad there are people out there that know the time to breed this animal is now. Else they will be lost to us forever!

Aye-aye in the media

I found a video of a baby aye-aye that has been bred in the U.K. Its name is Kintana (meaning star in Malagasy). The aye-ayes are also flourishing at the Duke Lemur Centre in the US. More cool videos about various endangered species that I handpicked plus some interesting and informative blogs are showcased on my website.

Launch Passion For Endangered Species

I’ve started a cause for endangered species on Facebook. It’s a place for kids to learn plus dialog with each other. Please share this with your kids. I just started the cause and am asking for your help. Come on kids!

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One Response to “Almost gone … Aye-aye”

  1. Scott Bright Says:

    Hello everyone. Yep, it’s me, “speciesguy.” I replying to my blog because I want to give you the U.R.L. for the Launching passion for Endangered Species. Here it is:

    My homepage U.R.L. was what I listed. You can say hi to me there too. I hope you like the aye-aye blog. I love this species!

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