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‘Almost gone’ introduction October 24, 2009

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There is a very high number of species on this planet __ELE4that are about to go extinct in near future. As the scientists have indicated, we’re in the middle of the sixth mass extinction. However, this one is different from the earlier ones in that it is caused and accelerated by one of the numerous species themselves, homo sapiens. And therefore I believe it is our responsibility that we should acknowledge our role and try to salvage as many of them as possible. There is hope to be found.  Where?  It’s going to be the people that are inheriting this gorgeous blue planet, the children. It is important that our children learn about the importance of each of them in the ecosystem. Every species has a role to play on this planet. None, absolutely none, is here without a purpose. If our children understand their purpose they will understand their value. And only then there is a chance that the future homo sapiens will not make the same mistakes as their ancestors.

Few days back I came across Scott Bright (@Speciesguy) on Twitter who has a passion for teaching kids about various endangered species. About a year ago Scott saw some statistics online that said 16,928 species are endangered of extinction at this time. He was shocked to learn this and decided that he had to do something to make a difference! Since then Scott has been doing his best at writing for and about endangered species. His main focus is on sharing the information in a fun way for kids (and their parents) to discover why each species is unique, the value of each species and what roles they play in our biosphere. His website also provides a place where your child can write to a leader with your help. One of the ways Scott is making a difference is showing where people can adopt an animal on line.  Zoos and other places have become a safe haven for preserving endangered species, like Texas!

After I browsed through his two websites, links to which are at the end of this post, I got in touch with Scott and requested him if he would want to guest post on my blog. And Scott has graciously agreed to share, not one, but a number of posts with us. So we’re starting a new series called ‘Almost gone’ for every Saturday. Each post will focus on one species. He and I sincerely hope that you will share them with your kids. If Scott’s posts here pique your kids’ interest, head over to his website. There you’ll find a treasure trove of books, CDs, DVDs and more about endangered species to further stoke you child’s enthusiasm. And your purchase only helps promote awareness about endangered species.

Remember, it’s the kids that are a powerful resource for saving endangered species.  And education is the fastest way getting the endangered species, like sharks, polar bears, wolves and rhinos to name a few, out of their current status. Looking forward to you and your kids’ company on here.

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