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Aktivhaus generates power August 27, 2009

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Lloyd Alter of Treehugger shares this great design and architecture achievement with us:

We love the Passivhaus, or Passive House as it is known in America, where houses are designed to be so well insulated and sited that they need no energy other than passive solar gain to keep warm. […] Now we learn from Jetson Green about the Aktivhaus, set up to not only heat and power itself but to have some left over.

The first Aktivhaus has been deployed in Denmark and is predicted to produce enough energy in 30 years to neutralise the energy costs of building it. Eventhough 30 years sounds like a long time, it is definitely better than NEVER neutralising the energy cost gone into building the house. Read more about both these fabulous environmentally friendly house designs on the Treehugger and Jetson Green websites.

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