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Bioelectricity: the Next Big Thing? July 23, 2009

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The fast growing plant switchgrass has been heralded as the next generation of biofuel stock. Unlike fertilizer-dependent corn, researchers say it’s highly efficient to grow the grass and process it into ethanol. But a new study suggests that there’s an even better use for switchgrass and other plants. Rather than turning them into ethanol to fill the gas tanks of cars, plants should be burned in power plants to generate “bioelectricity,” which can power electric cars. […] A bioelectric future for transportation would require a wide-spread adoption of electric cars, which are still very far from the automobile showrooms. But Campbell says that this is the perfect moment to make decisions about how to keep people moving in the 21st century, before all the ethanol plants and pipelines are built.

In another related article, the study’s authors wrote,

Biomass, even though it releases CO2 when burned, overall produces less carbon dioxide than do fossil fuels because plants grown to replenish the resource are assumed to reabsorb those emissions. Capture those combustion emissions instead and sequester them underground, and it would “result in a carbon-negative energy source that removes CO2 from the atmosphere”.

This idea has been echoed and an example of an EU country shown in Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s movie, Home.

2 Responses to “Bioelectricity: the Next Big Thing?”

  1. undeniableme Says:

    Considering that eco-technology like this has already been facilitated and put to good use by Brazil, it wouldn't surprise me if they beat the US to that mark as well. See related story here:

    America should fashion its fuel industry similarly to Brazil and we might actually turn things around here on more levels than one. 😉

  2. Radiance Says:

    Thanks for the comment and sharing the linK> It is true that many "developing" countries have actually employed eco-friendly technologies long before the developed ones even thought of doing so. Lets hope every person on this planet realises and takes up their responsibility towards Earth.

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