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TED Global 2009 begins today! July 21, 2009

Filed under: TED — Radiance @ 12:00 AM
Four years after the first gathering, TEDGlobal returns to Oxford for a now-annual conference. Four days of inspired thinking will take us beyond the obvious, looking at the hidden forces shaping our future, at the mysterious functioning of things, at the invisible and at the not-yet-discovered. The 2009 program is designed to explore and make visible The Substance of Things Not Seen.

Conference program outlines the speakers and schedule along with special events.

TEDGlobal 2009 is sold out! But you can watch the entire conference live online when you become an Associate Member ($995/year). Watch the webstream / Become an Associate Member >>

Registration for TEDGlobal 2010 (Oxford/UK 13-16 July 2010) is now open! Register now >>

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