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Sunday Spotlight: Devavision Productions July 19, 2009

Filed under: ancient knowledge,india,science,sunday spotlight — Radiance @ 10:00 AM

Some time back I came across and watched the video Scientific Verification of Vedic Knowledge on Google videos. This video is made by a group of people who call themselves Devavision Productions. The website homepage spells out their moto to be “Revealing the hidden treasure of India’s ancient Vedic wisdom and culture”.

I was really impressed with the research these people have done and the efforts they are putting in to get the word out there. I believe that there is a lot of ancient knowledge (not just in India but in other cultures as well) which is still “hidden” from us because we infact haven’t reached the spiritual, scientific and cultural maturity that is needed to comprehend it. So I’m delighted to see someone put in some serious effort towards “uncovering” that knowledge. Hence I thought I would do my bit of “publicising” this commendable effort and write a blog entry about them. Check them out if you are interested in ancient Indian knowledge!


2 Responses to “Sunday Spotlight: Devavision Productions”

  1. TCM Says:

    It doesn't let me see the stuff – error msg- 'not available'

  2. Radiance Says:

    Which stuff are you talking about? I checked the links for both the video and the website and it works fine for me. Let me know.

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