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Sunday Spotlight: Jason Martell and Xfacts July 12, 2009

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Jason Martell is a researcher and lecturer specialising and interested in connections between ancient knowledge and contemporary science. He has extensively studied the work of Zecharia Sitchin on Sumerian culture and the advanced technology mentioned therein. Jason has also given numerous lectures and presentations on the topic of Planet X (which has been reportedly spotted or at least its presence acknowledged by NASA), the 10th planet in our Solar system and the belief that this is the “Nibiru” of ancient Sumerians. The sites created by him, and collectively represented as Xfacts network, include,,,, and
  • is a collection of the video of and slides shown during the presentation given by Jason at MUFON, LA. Here he talks about various evidences provided by the Sumerian literature and artifacts that Sumerians knew about people of higher intelligence, originating from outside the Earth, whom they called Anunnaki. He goes on to show how planet Nibiru of Sumerians and its influence on the inner Solar system described by them could make it a very plausible candidate for Planet X that our astronomers are looking for today.
  • is one-stop-resource to all the lectures and interviews given by Jason Martell to the date on various topics of his research, Nibiru/Planet X, ancient astronauts, Sumerian culture and artifacts, the Mars-Earth connection to name a few.
  • tells you on its homepage that, “By watching the videos contained on this site, you will learn about some of the most substantial cases in Ufology. Evidence that can prove UFO’s are real, and intelligent extraterrestrials have made formal treaties with various governments around the world.”
  •, as the name suggests, is a channel to watch innumerable videos concerning the UFOs and aliens. It also gives links to other similarly inclined channels, websites.
  • took me to a page very similar to the “site map” page of so I’m not sure if there’s some problem with the link. However, the tab “mars research” on the top navigation bar takes you to a page which contains some really interesting articles and links about structures on Mars (the face on Mars, the pentagonal pyramid complex of Cydonia etc.) and how its been shown that NASA has been altering the images obtained from Mars to make the planet look hostile.
  • greets you with the message “This website is the only website dedicated to the victims of the Alien Abduction Phenomenon.”

So all I have tried to do in this blog entry is to give an overview of this vastly spread and informative network of sites and research generated by Jason Martell. In few of my blog entries earlier, I have picked some topics connected to Sumerian cosmology, which interest me and written my thoughts on them in some detail. I might write something about the structures on Mars some day. However, I’m not as keen on his other research interests such as UFOs and aliens. I do believe that there are a lot of thigs out there that need to be researched. But as for UFOs and aliens, I think its not the right time yet and hence we’re taking it in the wrong direction of sensetionalism.


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