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Oldest surface on Earth July 9, 2009

Filed under: earth,geology,history — Radiance @ 12:00 AM
This is a quick post to share with my readers something that I found fascinating. An article in LiveScience by Robert Roy Britt on 5th May 2009 tells us,

A new study of ancient “desert pavement” in Israel’s Negev Desert finds a vast region that’s been sitting there exposed, pretty much as-is, for about 1.8 million years, according to Ari Matmon and colleagues at Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

I was trying to imagine how those scientists must have felt to stand on that desert pavement and realise that they were standing on the most primitve Earth we could find today. I don’t know about them but I would find it very exhilerating!

3 Responses to “Oldest surface on Earth”

  1. Madhu Srinvasan Says:

    Interesting. Have you read the Book Forbidden Archaeology ?

  2. Madhu Srinvasan Says:

    Have you read the book Forbidden Archaeology ? Fascinating Article .. Keep up the good work ! Madhu

  3. Radiance Says:

    Thanks for the compliment, Madhu :). I haven't read the book yet but want to read for sure. I have, however, watched the video they made based on the work (on YouTube) and have also written a blog post on it. You might want to read, . Have you read the book? What's your impression?

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