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Sunday Spotlight: Connect2Earth June 14, 2009

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While on YouTube some time back I came across this video uploaded by WWF on their channel. The advertisement of the competition seemed interesting and so I Googled the website. The website appeared very informative. The idea of being able to voice my opinions and vote for the ideas I feel are best for my planet attracted me to click on the ‘sign up’ and become registered on Connect2Earth. In their own words,

Connect2earth is your green online community, where you can tell the world why you care about the environment and why it should be protected. You care about the world around you; you marvel at a beautiful clean stream in the mountains; you worry when you read about species disappearing and you get angry when you see reckless abuse of our planet. You know that if we don’t do something now, your children will not enjoy the natural world you enjoyed.
We do too at connect2earth. And we’d like to hear your voice. Because together we can make a difference. On connect2earth you can say what you think and you can add your voice to existing debates on the environment. You can upload your films, images, or words, you can comment on other people entries, you can vote for what catches your eyes. Most of all, you can learn, connect and share.
From time to time we organize contests that give our community and our concerns more visibility on a worldwide level. The current contest gives you the chance to be part of COP 15 in Copenhagen in December 09.

Instead of saying anything more about what we can do for our planet through this great platform, I’ll leave you to do some clicking around. But, I’ll leave you with this promotional video from Connect2Earth which seems pretty apt to get the point through to us humans.


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