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RTR 09 Twitter mate of the week: TreeBanker June 13, 2009

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[Image source: Linda MB Hughes]
If my readers go back about a couple months into my blog archives, they would find that I participated in a campaign as a volunteer blogger. The campaign is ‘Replanting the rainforests’ (RTR09) initiated by the EcoPreservation Society and TreeBanking LLC as a 10 year project for sustainable replantation of rainforests around the globe. The first phase of this campaign finished a few days after the Earth Day (22nd April 2009). Now we’re gearing up for a more forceful second phase and the bloggers are teaming up. The facilitator of the online presence and influence of this campaign, Linda MB Hughes, is spotlighting one blogger each week on her blog. I started this blog post category in order to post the links to all ‘Twitter mate of the week’ posts on Linda’s blog each week as one consolidated post on my blog. I have done this so far for two previous mates, Sandip Sen and Radiance (yours truly).

However, we’re deviating a little from the pattern this week. The reason for this is that TreeBanker (Dan Tefft) has featured on Linda’s blog earlier. However, recently he was unfortunate prey to some technical glitch over at Twitter, which made his 25K-follower strong account disappear. So he was featured once again in order to get the word out about his (and his partner, Jocelyne Grzela-Tefft’s) other whereabouts on the web2.0. So click on the link above, read about them and their raiforest replantation projects and become a part of our team!

Update: I would like to point out a very pleasent recent development that Dan’s original Twitter account, that had disappeared mysteriously some days back, has been restored just in time for this post. YAY!!!


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