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World Environment Day June 5, 2009

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World Environment Day (WED), commemorated each year on 5 June, is one of the principal vehicles through which the United Nations stimulates worldwide awareness of the environment and enhances political attention and action. I wanted to do a quick little post today to share a few important things with my readers on this occasion.

  • Click the link above to visit the incredibly informative website for WED and find out what people are doing around the world and what you can do.
  • If you use Twitter, follow @UNEPandYou and help them reach 10,000 followers today (they need about 3ooo more). UNEP is committed to plant one tree per follower. So the more followers we get them, more trees we help plant. So tweet and re-tweet them on #followfriday today.
  • I also wanted to remind my readers of the “green alert” our planet is on and our responsibility in lessening the devastating impact of the disaster we have initiated.

Further reading:

Extinction 101

Mix, don’t mess, with nature

Trash to treasure: biochar/agrichar

What’s your green idea?

… and there’s more I’ve written. Click on any tag at the end of the post to read more posts under the same tag. Happy World Environment Day! Think green, live green, keep the Earth green.


3 Responses to “World Environment Day”

  1. Princes Rainforests Project Says:

    At the Princes Rainforest Orject we are highlighting the damage being done to Rainforests globally. Have a look at our video of corporate leaders showing their support:

  2. Linda Hughes Says:

    We will get them up to 10k today. Thanks for those links. Must go read, tweet and retweet. Thanks again Radiance.

  3. Radiance Says:

    Princes Rainforests Project: Thanks for the comment and for sharing the YT channel with us. Its great to see the social media being used for great purpose like saving the planet that supports us. And it is also very heartening and encouraging to see prominent people like Prince Charles taking a lead in doing so. 🙂
    Linda: Thanks for the confidence, UNEP really deserves way more than 10k followers! And the Earth deserves way more than 10k trees…..

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