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Mass extinction with a difference? May 28, 2009

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Mass Extinctions, Ancient Viruses May Hold Clues to Life’s Origins

( — Mass extinctions occur repeatedly, though irregularly, throughout Earth’s history, and occasionally these extinctions have been devastating to life on our planet – or have they? Extinction events have sometimes accelerated the evolution of life on earth by eliminating old dominating species and making room for new ones. A new study takes this idea a step further, showing that life may have never achieved the complexity necessary for the development of advanced multi-cellular organisms without recurring extinction events.

I found the above article very interesting because of the concept that mass extinctions are not always “bad” for the life on this planet. However, as far as we know, all previous mass extinctions have taken place due to natural causes. Right now the planet is undergoing the sixth mass extinction which is very greately influenced by humans, it is not natural. So would this one have the same impact on life as all others before? Will it open up an opportunity for new life forms to flourish on this planet? Or will there be only one major species remaining, the homo sapiens? Or rather, like Juan Enriquez contemplates, we’ll become homo evolutis?


2 Responses to “Mass extinction with a difference?”

  1. Linda Hughes Says:

    Kind of an almost sci-fi horror flick thought isn’t it? Contemplating the replacement of most natural life with steel, concrete and asphalt in our ever expanding need to dominate is heartbreaking. Here is hoping that we can raise awareness soon enough to make the changes necessary. It starts one thought, one person at a time. Keep up the good fight Radiance! I am behind you all the way.

  2. Radiance Says:

    Thanks for the comment and encouragement :). yes, i sincerely hope we come to our senses and stop drifting (or rather jet-setting) away from nature.

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