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Sunday Spotlight: Ye olde technology May 17, 2009

Recently I came across some interesting videos and articles made/written by Jerry Glover. They’re interesting to me because they concern a topic that fascinates me; ancient knowledge and “apparent” mysteries posed to us by it. In his article ‘In search of Ye Olde new technology‘ written for the Beyond magazine in March 2008, Jerry illustrates a few well known examples of OOParts (Out of place artifacts). These include probably the best known OOPart, the Antikythera mechanism along with other well known examples like the Baghdad batteries and the Piri Re’is map. I liked the title of the article so much that I decided to use it as a title of this blog post. This informative and well-researched article also mentions some interesting aspects such as the use of OOParts by the Creationist school of thought as a proof of Creation, the supposed OOParts that turned out to be hoaxes and the numerous Hollywood movies that have been based on the idea of OOParts or “unexpected technology”. At the end of the article, there is a plot that shows the accepted/expected period in the past to which these items/mechanisms belong. This plot goes back upto 1 million years which is when OOParts like the wooden spears in Europe and the Baigong iron pipes of China are believed to have been made/used!
In connection to this article I found another article and a few videos on YT by Jerry which enlist mysterious places on the planet. In ‘The world’s top 50 mysterious places‘ he digs out a treasure trove of some famous and quite a few not-so-well-known places/structures in the world that are (known or supposed to be) man-made and are mysterious in some way. All the places have been pinpointed with their latitude-longitude “address”. Some of them are mysterious because only 10% of them have been studied or excavated and others are well-researched but still evade any explanations of their purpose. I learnt about a lot more “mysterious” places after reading this article. The series of videos with similar name on his YT channel takes you on a trip to these various places around the world using the GoogleEarth software.

I’d recommend these (and his other) articles and videos it to anyone who is interested in such topics as archaeology, ancient knowledge etc. And more importantly, is ready to think logically without any preconceptions about history and evolution of mankind.

2 Responses to “Sunday Spotlight: Ye olde technology”

  1. Mike Fish Says:

    Hey, that clock is from my city. Thanks for this post and the links.. Nice blog!

  2. Radiance Says:

    Thanks for the comment :). I don’t actually know the clock is from? Where is it from?

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