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Best NASA pictures of the Earth May 5, 2009

Filed under: earth,photography,space research — Radiance @ 4:04 AM
In this blog post, I just want to share something with you all. No opinions, no thoughts, no debates. Just plain old getting fascinated by the amazing advances we’ve made in space observation and photography and it’s results.

NASA’s Earth Observatory announced the ten most popular pictures of our home planet from its ‘Image of the Day’ catalogue on 28th April, the culmination of a user-voted contest marking the tenth anniversary of the observatory’s Web site. These pictures range from the picture of Earth as seen from Saturn to the beautiful abstract painting-like patterns made by sea currents and wind in the Bahamas.

Go feast your eyes!


4 Responses to “Best NASA pictures of the Earth”

  1. graceonline Says:

    This image is one of my favorites, so I guess I'm part of the crowd. Don't the NASA images help you gain perspective, especially if you're having a bad day? All I have to do sometimes, when something BIG threatens to take over my hour/day/year/life, is think about how insignificant a spec we are in the universe.

  2. Radiance Says:

    Very true, Kath. sometimes all one needs to something that tells you that you dont matter that much :).

  3. Me Says:

    Good points, I think I will definitely subscribe! I’ll go and read some more! What do you see the future of this being?

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