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Sunday spotlight: John Anthony West May 3, 2009

Filed under: archaeology,egyptology,sunday spotlight — Radiance @ 2:14 AM
I have written about his most appreciated and very courageous work on re-dating of the Sphinx in the past. But I thought I needed to write a separate blog entry about the person himself.
John Anthony West, a name that became famous (or infamous, depending on your viewpoint) after his daring documentary The mystery of the Sphinx, released in 1993. Collaborating with numerous experts from various branches of science (geologist Robert Schoch, paleoclimatologist John Kutzbach, detective Frank Domingo of NYPD and seismologist Thomas Dobecki, to name a few) he shocked the world with a well-researched and well-supported theory that would make us rewrite and rearrange our history. JAW describes himself as “rogue Egyptologist and a mystic in a sceptics clothing.”
Today, after almost 15 years after his first appearance on the archaeological scene, and at age of 75, he remains an active researcher, author and guide. He has embraced the new-age communication modes such as blogging, YouTube broadcasting and having his own website. Through his blog, he promotes and broadcasts his own radio program, PhoenixFire. His YouTube channel (JAWSPHINX99) is not as updated but does give a glimpse of his varied activities. The most updated and informative by far is his website. He gives lectures, writes books, produces videos about the unusual research that he does in Egyptian symbolism. He also take small groups of interested people on guided tours of Egypt! Through his efforts, The Ancient Wisdom Foundation, a not for profit, educational foundation designed to help finance research into the big questions of lost knowledge and ancient civilizations, came into existence. The website also showcases his fellow Egyptologist and scientists who dare to question the established norms and are not afraid to rewrite the history of mankind.
I wish John Anthony West all the best in his journey forward and towards the truth, wherever it might be.

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