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India votes! April 30, 2009

Filed under: future,india — Radiance @ 2:09 AM

The largest democracy in the world is currently holding its general elections to decide who will be the next set of politicians that will run the country. More than a month-long process hits its third phase today and my hometown, Mumbai, is voting today. While I sincerely wish that I could be in my beloved hometown to cast my vote and exercise the most fundamental right that democracy gives me, the truth is I’m not there. And I’m wasting my vote. However, there are quite a few younger generation NRIs like me who wish to vote and hope that soon India will have a provision for casting the vote online. Till then, all I can do as a true Indian is to encourage those who ARE in the right place at the right time to exercise their right and vote. And vote wisely!


2 Responses to “India votes!”

  1. Watchdog316 Says:

    Keep us posted as to your take on this election. It would be nice to see a more friendly gov to climate changing events. The Mother Ganges will highly effected.

  2. Radiance Says:

    IMHO, the govt. that India had last 5 years, Indian National Congress lead coalition, is the best option out of all available. That is the only political party in India now that does not mix politics and religion (or regionalism). They are also the most reasonable, educated and well-informed politicians in the nation. So I’d hope they come back to power. They’ve brought India’s economy back on track in last 5 years and therefore, we haven’t felt so much impact of the global recession. Lets see what happens!

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