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Sunday Spotlight: “REEEP” the renewable energy April 26, 2009

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REEEP is best described with the words from its own homepage,
The Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Partnership’s (REEEP) goal is to accelerate the global market for sustainable energy by acting as an international and regional enabler, multiplier and catalyst to change and develop sustainable energy systems. REEEP works with Governments, Businesses, Industry, Financiers and Civil Society across the world in order to expand the global market for renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.
In today’s world everything and everyone requires financial support. Be it an individual or a multinational company or a volunteer organisation. Similarly all eco-conservation efforts can turn into a successful practice only when they get financial and political support, in addition to people’s involvement. REEEP is trying to gain and provide all three of these to renewable energy projects around the globe.
Their website is designed to inform users of REEEP’s work and to provide information on clean energy, climate change and energy sustainability. And the blog and community portal are places for “renewably inclined” people to interact and participate in various initiatives or even start some. The list of events and projects REEEP supported, participated in or endorsed over the years is very impressive and showcases the diverse and far-reaching network. REEEP has also established several sub-networks, most notably the Energy Efficiency Coalition (EEC), the Renewable Energy and International Law Project (REIL), and the Sustainable Energy Regulation Network (SERN) that are focused on driving change via a particular channel. There is a treasure trove of resources and information that will help people get funds for their renewable energy project, initiate and develop it and effectively market it. And if all this was not enough, there’s reegle, the search engine for renewable energy!
So all in all, REEEP is a haven for any amateur or professional renewable energy buff who wants to bring his/her ideas into a reality. Go visit them and make your dream of renewable energy come true!

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  1. I love this place – I’ve bookmarked it and will come back

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