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2 poles + 2 degrees = 2 much! April 21, 2009

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Today is Earth Day. Every year since 1970, 22nd April is observed as Earth Day. However, as the tag-line of their official website says, every day should be Earth Day. Celebrating one day out of the 365 of each year is not going to help us (and the planet) at all. There will be many blogs and articles written and videos made about Earth Day today. I wanted to write something fitting as well but didn’t really want to do a commentary on how Earth Day began and how it is celebrated world wide etc.

Instead I thought of sharing with my readers the only conservation program, run by WWF, which intends to conserve the ecology at the two poles. It focuses on saving the polar bears on the Arctic and the penguins on the Antarctica, both of which are under threat of extinction due to retreating ice shelves. The campaign and video made aim at spreading awareness in public about the climate change before the COP15 summit in December. In order to stop disastrous climate changes the global temperature rise needs to be kept under 2 degrees Celsius. Hence, the name of the campaign.Happy Earth Day! Make every day an Earth Day.


2 Responses to “2 poles + 2 degrees = 2 much!”

  1. Watchdog316 Says:

    It is with regret that I bring this forward. I recieve and view many scientific reports on climage change. It is a belief of most scientist that we will not hold the temperature rise to 2 degrees C. Rapid action now by all governments of the globe and we may be able to hold it to around 3 degree C.

    While that may not sound like a lot. It really has strong impacts upon nature. Bare in mind the poles will warm more than the rest of the globe.

    We are the point where it is no longer a question of stopping climate change. It is a matter of preventing the more dire consequenses of climate change.

    With all due respect this was submitted.

    Your Friend in Iowa, USA.

  2. Radiance Says:

    Yes ….. unfortunately, it IS too late!

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