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$10 for a sustainable future April 20, 2009

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So far I’ve written 11 blog posts for the ‘Replanting the rainforests’ (RTR09) campaign by Eco Preservation society that aims towards sustainable management of replanted rainforests. The campaign started about 3 weeks back with the aim of raising $100K towards the abovementioned goal and culminates 4 days after the Earth Day on 26th April. The material I wrote about touched upon various aspects of the campaign ranging from why there is an urgent need for action, what are the methods employed for sustained management of the replanted forests and what other conservation projects (saving near-extinct species) it will support. There is much more that can be written about the topic of conservation and its need.
The importance of the rainforests to our planet cannot be justified enough. They’re the lungs of Earth in a reverse sense that they absorb about fifth of the carbon emissions pumped out by humans. Creating “dis-incentives” for tropical deforestation will help sustain those forests which in turn will help us combat the rapid climate change that the planet is experiencing currently. In spite of all the benefits the planet and humans have from them, rainforests are in crisis today. The reasons for deforestation are varied and their plight is grave. People predominantly grow commercially viable plants, like Palm trees for their oil, in the rainforest area which disrupts the balance of this delicate ecological system. Fate of some really unfortunate forests, like those of the Amazon, is now deemed irreversible. The green house gases emitted by our industrialised civilisation are making the matters worse. The scientists are now conceding that the Earth is most likely facing the 6th mass extinction which will see almost half of the known species of flora and fauna disappear in the next century.
However, all is not lost yet if we wake up on time and take action. We need to find solutions to the problems we created on this beautiful planet. And more and more people are coming up with some great solutions. Replanting the deforested areas is one of the solutions that have been around for a while. However, what is needed is sustainably managed rainforests which will only be possible with the involvement of locals in the affected areas. Important people like the Prince of Wales are now involved in this process and making the populace sit up and take notice. There’s also some hope for the Amazonian rainforests after the scientists revised their estimates of ‘irreversible fate’ for them. However, all these projects can only go ahead with sufficient financial support. It is important that ‘we the people’ start taking an initiative and provide strong financial support for such work. Instead of depending on a few thousand politicians and bureaucrats around the world, let us, the rest of the 6 billion, take action. $10 from each one of us will ensure a huge investment for our future on this ‘little blue planet’ while not asking too much from us. Give a gift of $10 (using the Chip-in widget in right hand column on my blog or RTR09 website) to your planet and secure your and your children’s future! Lets reach the mark of $100K in next 2 days and show our solidarity towards our world.
Planet Earth, your children and I thank you profusely for your contribution!

2 Responses to “$10 for a sustainable future”

  1. Watchdog316 Says:

    The best flora for carbon sequestering, and for cellolusic material is Industrial Hemp, or real hemp for that matter. It can also be used to replace almost aspects that oil based polymers are used for today.

    The worlds best solution is taboo because of fraud campaign launched in the 1930’s.

  2. Radiance Says:

    Thanks for your insightful comment, Anthony :).

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