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RTR 09 overview series: Identifying critical issues April 13, 2009

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So far I have written in detail about various aspects of the Eco Preservation Society’s (EPS) Replanting the Rainforest (RTR 09) campaign in each of my posts for last couple weeks. However, along with the details, the “big picture” is also important. I think that is especially true about RTR 09 because when one puts all the pieces of these various projects in various countries together, does the real importance and uniqueness of this campaign become apparent. Therefore, for the next three days I’m going to give my readers an overview of three essential aspects of RTR09 that make the campaign complete.
First important feature is identifying the critical issues that need urgent attention. Since the ecosystem all over the world is so out of balance today that numerous places, species and environmental attributes jump to ones attention. However, eventually one has to focus on only a few of them at a time and improve those. It is vital to make unique choices as choosing to work on something that’s already being taken care of is waste of resources (which are limited when it comes to eco-conservation projects). A key element to RTR 09’s reforestation program is that they have targeted their projects to locations that have an essential need in terms of expanding critical wildlife habitat. I’m listing their projects below and placing the links for interested readers to follow them up. The variety of locations and species incorporated in these projects show the true worldwide extent of the campaign.
· Endangered Mono titi (squirrel monkeys) frolicking in Costa Rica
· Jaguars prowling the forests of Belize, on the brink of extinction
· Orang-utans dwelling in the receding rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra
· Devastated rainforests of Indonesia owing to reckless commercial logging

Once the issues that need to be worked on are identified, next step is to invent or research methods that will help improve the conditions. EPS has successfully done so for many years and that is the topic of tomorrow’s post.


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