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Sunday Spotlight April 12, 2009

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Today’s post is an introduction to a new weekly series that I’m starting, Sunday Spotlight. During my search for various interesting stories for my blog, I’ve (electronically) come across many charismatic individuals who have done something noteworthy in life. The fields of their work are diverse, some in science, some environmental, some social. The impact of their initiative, work, research also varies; some affecting other people’s lives, some changing the thought process, some saving other species. So I decided to do a small write up on each one of them, focus the spotlight on them, each Sunday. Depending on the information I get my hands on, the focus might be on the person themselves or on the organisation they’ve started or their research etc.
This weekly series will be on until I have material enough to continue it. So I would like to ask my readers to contribute in this process. Each one of you would be working in different fields and therefore, information coming from you would be much diverse than the effort on my own. However, I would like to keep the profiles consistent with the general theme of my blog which focuses on science, technology, history of our planet/archaeology and the planet itself. So I would encourage my readers to send me information if you think you know someone that has achieved something significant that benefits humankind in some way. I ask for more than mere name of a person or organisation. Please give me some background (or a link or two) and why you think they are significant. There are 2 ways to contact me,
Email: If you click on ‘view my complete profile’ below my picture, you will be taken to my profile where on the left side, you will see a link ‘Email’.
Twitter: On the top right on this page there’s a link to my Twitter profile. You can send me a direct message there.
The following Sunday, I will bring you a new story of someone or something like these people/pieces of work mentioned above that has contributed in some significant way to the society and the planet.

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