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What would you un-invent? April 11, 2009

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Today I had decided not to write any blog post, just take a break. But when surfing the internet, I came across a very short and simple yet very interesting article. It is written by Paul Marks on the New Scientist blog, Short sharp science. The author puts forth a very simple scenario and a question for his readers: If you were able to use a time-machine and go back in time, which invention would you un-invent to make the world a better place (in your view, of course)? And this post has recieved 183 comments. I didn’t read all of them but the first 30 odd I read gave some interesting and amazing answers, ranging from God to internet to roundabouts. So I HAD TO sign in to my blog and share this with my readers!
As for me, I’d un-invent the first ever steam-machine that began the industrialisation and I’d also un-invent religion. In my view, the world would be a much better place without both these. The former has brought the world too close for comfort and yet managed to isolate every human. The latter has brought a subgroup of the populace together but alienated it from the rest of the human race.
So, what would YOU un-invent?

One Response to “What would you un-invent?”

  1. L Olsson Says:

    Great article. Keep up the good work and keep the articles coming.

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