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Making science fun April 10, 2009

Filed under: art,science — Radiance @ 4:14 AM
This is going to be a quick little post about something interesting I found on Twitter. Spangler Science’s Twitter profile describes itself as “The coolest educational toys, science kits and hands-on science activities that make learning science fun.” It is an endeavour started by Steve Spangler from Englewood, CO in the US that is a great resource of apparatus and ideas for kids to perform some really cool science experiments. Spangler takes the science out of the confines of a lab and makes in outdoor, fun activity. There are even field trips arranged such as ‘Science at the sea’. Steve also has a blog that keeps his fans / users updated with new ideas. There is even an “experiment of the week” widget that anyone can install. The blog also gives links to his presence on other social networks, fun videos of experiments amongst other things. A website/service that has won the 2008 award from Edublog for ‘best use of video/visual’ is definitely worth a look. Whether you do or do not have kids, it is bound to make science fun for you!
And just as I finished writing this post, I came across this blog post by BadAstronomer Phil Plait about an artist who incorporates science in her paintings for kids! Tiffany Ard had been an artist and an award-winning designer for over 14 years, mostly creating corporate web sites and print pieces for giant faceless corporations. But now she draws pictures of microscopes and laws of planetary motion, to name only few, and conveys scientific concepts through them. They’re sold to parents all over the world who want to make education of their kids creative and entertaining. Besides ‘science art’, she also does some other art work like Plexiglass paintings. Check her out!

12 Responses to “Making science fun”

  1. Mamacita (Mamacita) Says:

    I agree with you about Steve Spangler. In my humble opinion, based on over 30 years in the classroom, he’s the absolute BEST I’ve ever seen.

    My kids love his Insta-Snow, and I personally couldn’t garden at ALL without his Water Jelly Crystals.

  2. Laurel Says:

    I also agree with Mamacita. Steve Spangler Science has a ton of great ideas for activities you can do with your kids along with videos that actually show you what to do.

    Some of the activities just use basic products from your house and others have really cool stuff like growing jelly marbles, slime and insta-worms (among my favorites)

  3. Radiance Says:

    Thanks for the comments, Mamacita and Laurel :). Yes, Spangler Science is pretty cool and easy to do. That’s why I thought of writing about it here.

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  5. Thomas Han Says:

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  10. LarryLove Says:

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