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Within a blink of an eye April 4, 2009

Filed under: art,optics,photography,technology — Radiance @ 2:55 AM

[Image source: Alan Sailer’s flickr]

A few days back I posted about some really cool time-lapse videos on the internet. Today’s post is about the kind of photography exactly opposite to that, the high-speed photography. Time-lapse photography squishes very slow processes into a smaller time-scale and make them interesting to watch. The high-speed photography captures the fleeting moments of a very quick process by using high shutter speeds that make some fabulous visuals. A friend shared this link with me a few days back that shows some impressive shots taken by Alan Sailer. He uses an interrupted laser beam to trigger the camera at the precise moment when a bullet passes out of a given object and captures that “fragile” moment just before the object is blown to pieces. As destructive as it sounds, when you see his pictures, you will be left with a sense of awe and respect for his work! I’m sharing just one of many such fantastic images of his which I’m sure will more than whet your visual appetite :).

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