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Earth and us ….. past, present and future ….. connected?

Some more food for thought April 1, 2009

Filed under: animals,earth,ecology,future,rtr09 — Radiance @ 8:33 AM
Today’s blog is going to be sort of brief. This is because I sort of jumped the gun by writing a blog on 30th March, Wish you planet a happy birthday on Earth Day, which introduced my readers to the ‘Replanting the rainforest‘ and ‘Give a gift to your planet‘ campaigns. Well, turns out that these are the topics for today’s blog according to the campaign schedule :). So …… follow the links above, go to my previous blog and read about these initiative by the Eco Preservation Society on the occassion of Earth Day (22nd April).

Also, if you liked (or should I say, were tremendously impressed by) Dr. Willie Smitts sustained reforestation efforts in Samboja Lestari, about which I wrote yestrday, then here’s some more of his discussion about the Orangs and rainforestation.

Have a green day! Oh, and don’t forget to donate for RTR09 (upper right corner of this blog).


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