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Time- lapsed nature March 27, 2009

Filed under: nature,optics,photography — Radiance @ 4:13 AM
Time-lapse photography / video have made the observation of a lot of painfully slow processes not so boring. In fact it makes the spectacle enjoyable in most cases. The technique involves recording a process, natural or man-made, onto film with very long exposure times. Or, as mentioned on Wikipedia, “Time-lapse photography is a cinematography technique whereby each film frame is captured at a rate much slower than it will be played back. When replayed at normal speed, time appears to be moving faster and thus lapsing. Time-lapse photography can be considered to be the opposite of high speed photography.”Aaron Rowe, a blog author on the blog, has presented a list of what he thinks are the top ten time-lapse videos of naturally occurring processes. I’m not convinced that they’re all the best ones out there but they’re fascinating to watch for sure. It was difficult to decide which one to embed here in my post but I have chosen the ‘Thunderstorm’ video which is on #3 on Aaron’s list. The radpidly passing clouds constantly aglow due to lightening make a great spectacle. Follow the above link to the article for the rest 9. Happy time-lapsing!

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