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Earth and us ….. past, present and future ….. connected?

Looking outwards….. and inwards March 7, 2009

Filed under: space research,spiritual — Radiance @ 7:53 AM
In the same day, in fact within a span of few hours, I’ve come across two drastically different approaches of human beings to expanding the horizons of our knowledge.
One points its attention outwards. NASA’s Kepler Spacecraft blasted off a few hours ago to its journey into deep space to look for “other Earths”. After coming home from Borders, where I discovered the other object I mention below, I read this news on
The other one points inwards. Eckhart Tolle’s well-acclaimed and appriciated book, Power of Now, that takes one on a journey within themselves to understand the purpose of life. This books has been around for a few years now but I bought and read it today for the first time. And I just found out that by amazing coincidence, Eckhart was giving a lecture today in Sydney, which I was completely unaware of. But somehow I got inspired to look for his book only today!

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