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Son of God or Sun of God? March 5, 2009

Filed under: astronomy,history,unconventional — Radiance @ 9:03 AM
I few days back I came across a very interesting series of three videos on YT. I do not believe in “practising” any religion, I believe in “believing” and acknowledging the presence of a higher power whose nature and influence we haven’t yet been able to comprehend. Therefore, I watched these videos merely out of curiosity. It is a novel approach to explaining the similarities between Gods and messengers of various religions. I’m not sure whether the person uploading these videos actually agrees or disagrees with these videos. The title and description is confusing. Also, not all information presented is correct. I know that Krishna, the Hindu god, was not born of a virgin as the video claims. So you might find some other such mistakes in it.
I do not mean to offend anyone or their religious beliefs. If you think this is rubbish, that’s fine by me. If you believe this to be absolutely true, that’s fine too. I’m not going to try and convince you either ways because I do not know myself whether it is right or wrong. I know, however, that it is something different. And that’s why I found it interesting enough to share.

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