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Lost treasures of ancient India March 1, 2009

Filed under: ancient knowledge,archaeology,india — Radiance @ 4:43 AM

While surfing through the myriad of videos on YT, jumping from one to another related one, I somehow ended up at a playlist of videos about ancient civilisations and their technological know-how. If you read my blog regularly you probably know by now that this is my favourite topic to read and write about. So being true to my character, I’m going to share a 5-part video series which is about ancient Indian civilisations, the ancient history and technology. It is the episode(s) of Discovery Channel’s series Lost treasures of the ancient world.

The programme gives a fairly detailed overview of ancient Indian history, social and political, and how it influenced the ups and downs of scientific and technological progress of India. There are some well-executed animations that bring back to life the ancient town of Mohen-jo-daro. However, I will warn my viewers about the narrator’s pronunciations of Indians names and terms. He absolutely mangles them and it is a horrible exercise for an Indian to listen to him. So in case you plan to use any of the Indian terms in this documentary for your research, please make sure you find out what it is REALLY called. Other than that, it is a great watch for non-Indians and modern Indians equal.

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