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Maps of War February 7, 2009

Filed under: animation,cartography,history — Radiance @ 12:09 PM
This is going to be a quick little blog entry about another interesting website I came across that deals with maps. The creator of the website and the maps, who chooses to remain anonymous, is a Flash-Designer hobbyist and professional history-buff. The website bears the name ‘Maps of War’ and anyone who visits it will agree that much thought and effort has been put into researching the information and making the flash animations. And the best part is the creator of this website not juts allows but encourages you to share and use his work anywhere you like for free! According to the ‘About’ section of the website, “Maps-of-War was established in September of 2006. The site was created to help people understand current events, as seen on TV and in our newspaper headlines, as being one small chapter in the much bigger and longer story of human history.
Out of all the map-animations my personal favourites are ‘March of democracy’ and ‘History of religion’. As their names make it clear, these maps are informative tools depicting the history of democracy and religion, respectively, throughout the world from the earliest known events of their origin to present day. Besides the maps, the website also has a collection of links that lead to some more interesting historical facts. These include statistics of violence in Iraq and Darfur, map-animations showing step-by-step history of World War II and a map depicting flow of migrants across the world, among other informative material. So go check it out and have fun learning about history!

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