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Are there more dimensions? January 31, 2009

Filed under: animation,science,unconventional — Radiance @ 12:31 PM

So I am sharing a YT video on my blog after a while today. I’d probably end up writing a separate blog entry about this whole documentary, What the bleep do we know!?, someday. But that’s going to take some time because this is no ordinary doco. It makes you think…..of course, only if you are ready to think of science and philosophy as two sides of a coin and not as ideologies that will never mix.

Anyways, what I wanted to particularly share about this video was the Dr. Quantum video which starts at 03:55 in this clip. I think this bit is very cleverly made for people who can understand its “hidden” message, who do want to think “out of the box”, literally and figuratively. Like the small circle in the Flatland doesn’t believe in the existence of any more dimensions till she bumps into Dr. Quantum, similarly it made me think that why can’t we take this analogy further and talk about our own world? (And I think that is the purpose of this animation.) We live in a 3d world (and if you consider time as a dimension, in a 4d world)…..but couldn’t there be more dimensions of which we will never think of unless we experience them? I’d say there are…….

Readers who are well-acquainted with philosophical and/or metaphysical literature will very readily agree that there is a belief that there are “beings” from higher dimensions (sometimes called ‘angels’) whom not everyone can experience. I do not have such experience till now but this animation here just got me thinking…………………


2 Responses to “Are there more dimensions?”

  1. graceonline Says:

    Yup. Interesting. Could stretch this as far as the mind can reach, don't you think?

  2. Radiance Says:

    Yes, definitely. Our mind is nfineitely powerful and we can stretch it beyond anything anyone could imagine. Glad you found the post interesting. I know this kind of stuff is not for everyone :).

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