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Living fossils December 21, 2008

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I’ve been contemplating writing a blog entry for days now. However, I do not like write something just for the sake of it. Currently I’m travelling for work as well as vacation and not necessarily get an Internet connection as well as time enough for me to come up with something I will be satisfied about sharing with you all. I have found a few interesting articles as well as videos that I want to dedicate one blog entry each. But I think its best done once I’m back in my comfort zone and can produce some quality blogs.
For now, I’m going to share a well-researched and well-written article from Wired Science that tells us about “living fossils“. These are the earthly creatures that haven’t changed a bit since the time they first made their appearance on Earth, which is millions of years ago in most cases. They have somehow managed to escape both evolution and extinction, which makes them quite unique. Since this article itself has links in it for us to read more about each of the creatures if we feel so inclined, I’m not going to go into those details myself. But I found this article very amusing and informative at the same time. I feel everyone should have a read!
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