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Humble sticky tape emits powerful X-rays October 26, 2008

Filed under: mystery,optics,science — Radiance @ 5:18 AM

2 Responses to “Humble sticky tape emits powerful X-rays”

  1. Vince Says:

    Low cost x-ray machines from the Scotch tape ‘effect’? Patents applied for by UCLA et al.:

    These fellows are more than just mischievous geeks. I wonder what motivated them.
    Apparently the Russians reported the phenomenon about 50 years ago:

  2. Radiance Says:

    Thanks so much for this story and links. Yes, it definitely looks like its more than mischief. However, what I’m surprised about is how did no one think of making use of such an amazing discovery for so many years if it was observed 50 years ago! I guess everything has its own time for glory :).

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