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Do you have the correct time? October 10, 2008

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This is going to be a short, spontaneous burst of a blog :). I was watching random videos on YouTube on a Friday night and I came across this video from a very talended artist, Gary Reef. He makes clay masks, fires them and uses them in his art. And I’m sure there are so many artists and sculpters and potters that do the same. So that got me thinking…………
After thousands of years, when our civilisation is decayed into fossils and buried artifacts, all the technological advances we’ve made would have vanished through passage of time and these clay masks might still remain preserved. If the archaeologists of the new civilisation found these, wouldn’t they think of us as primitive people? The dating methods would give a manufacture date of today. And we will be portrayed as clay/mud pottery making simple people. Because that’s all they would have to base their theory on…..a part of a jigsaw puzzle. But they wouldn’t know its not complete.
Would something of the sort be happening today when our archaeologists study the ancient civilisations?
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