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Forbidden Archaeology October 7, 2008

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forbarchLinks to the video series, Mysterious Origins Of Man – Forbidden Archeology:
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
I am not an archaeologist but I do have tremendous interest in the field. Infact its my dream to be a part of an archaeological project albeit it would be in a capacity of a radiochemist. So understandably I have and still do read a lot of litrature on the subject, whose subject matter varies from paleoarchaeology to egyptology.
Recently I came accross some videos (links above) on YouTube (recorded quite a few years ago) that talk about a book written in 1993 by Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson. The book, Forbidden Archaeology, quickly became an underground classic. Today it is a bestseller, with foreign editions in over a dozen languages. It presents both accepted and anomalous scientific evidence defying traditional ideas concerning human evolution.
As much as Darwinian theory of evolution has been upheld by the majority of scientists, it always has been a subject of controversy. Especially so when it comes to proving that humans evolved from primates. And today absence of evidence has been acknowledged and given the name “missing link”, a creature that connects primates to humans, an evolutionary middle stage. So is it possible then that humans originated and evolved on this planet in a different way? Is it possible that we have climbed this ladder from being a hunter-gatherer to the technologically advanced human more than once? And everytime we either are dislodged from this pinnacle by our own deeds or by nature? I believe that life on this planet has gone on in cycles and that we are not the first advanced human civilisation on the face of this planet. The book mentioned above and the the series of videos tries to tell us precisely this…..and shows us the evidence to prove it! Now its left to us whether we want to believe it or not.
In the video, Richard Thompson mentions that there has always been a “knowledge filter” in all branches of science. And the general public gets to know only what has passed through this filter and not the actual knowledge. Graham Hancock, an investigative journalist says “Humans are a species with amnesia. We have forgotten something very important about our past. But our civilisation is not the apex of advances made by human beings.”
There is much I could go on writing about the material presented in the videos and the book. But I leave it to you to watch, read, hear, think and form your own opinion. The only question I would like to ask: Does one throw away the remaining pieces of jigsaw puzzle because the (partial) picture created is what one likes? Or should one strive on till one uses up ALL the pieces and is therefore sure that the picture is REALLY complete?
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