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YouTube ….. what is it good for? September 25, 2008

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Since I will be basing my blog entries (mostly) on various YouTube videos, I thougt I’d start by writing what I think about YouTube in general. I see that it is mostly used by people for entertainment. Guys are mostly into fun, prank videos, some tricks or sport accidents etc. Girls follow it for makeup or fashion-related “how to” kind of tutorials or reviews. But how many people watch channels which follow serious subjects like art, science, history etc.?
My impression of YouTube, when I got introduced to it a few years ago, was a platform for sharing fun videos with the world. Then as I started delving more deeply, channels of more interest started surfacing. And slowly but steadily my awe for YouTube grew. And now I know that I can find a video about pretty much any topic or subject on it! YouTube also makes you realise even mre the power of internet. This medium of sharing your thoughts and talents has given innumerable people a worldwide exposure at a click of a mouse. Its also not very difficult to get yourself broadcasted, all you need is a computer, a basic cam that will do reasonable recording and an internet connection. And best of all, its FREE! What I also find interesting is the “related videos” feature… sort of sucks you into the subject about wich you have started watching the first video. And before you know, you have clicked on and watched about 10-15 videos and the clock has gone ahead by 1 or 2 hours!
I am a person with interest in diverse fields and subjects. Eventhough I’m a scientist by profession, I’m equally interested in art, history, linguistics etc. And YouTube is a great place for people like me to find interesting things to watch and hear in one place. One day I find myself completely mesmerised by different styles of artworks of various artists from all aroud the world and the next day I’m fascinated by the “forbidden science” research being carried out at variuos places that puts forth some really thought provoking theories. And on yet another day I am impressed by the skills of a makeup artist giving free online tutorials to women around the globe on how to make themselves more beautiful. I’m going to attempt to showcase these thoughts and emotions in my blog.
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