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Why the blog? September 24, 2008

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It all started with me starting a channel on YouTube. Most of you would agree that Facebook and YouTube are a big rage amongst people of almost all ages, for different reasons. I had made 4 videos (with some help from my colleagues) for the India Student Association which I was a part of in my school years. So I thought of uploading those videos somewhere and YouTube seemed like a good place. Then came along a few other videos I recorded at a music concert I attended. In this process I also started looking at other people’s videos, liking them, subscribing to the channels etc.
If you go to my YouTube channel, you’ll realise that I’m interested in myriad of different things, from art videos, comedies to old bollywood music and science. And when I watch these videos, they evoke thoughts in me. So a few days back, when I was reading through a freind’s blog, I thought why not give it a go myself. So at least to begin with, I’m going to chose random videos on YouTube that I find interesting and just write about what it made me think of. May be in future this would escalate to writing about other things, issues, subjects or it may not. But I’m going to give it a go anyways.
Eventhough I’ve chosen a career in science, I’ve always been interested in art and linguistics and been pretty good at creative writing in my younger days. Then due to obvious reasons, as I went for higher education and job, writing became mainly scientific writing, like thesis, publications etc. So now, once again, I feel like finding the long-lost creative writer in me. So here goes nothing……….
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